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Monarch Community Bank > Get your ATM Fees refunded
Get your ATM Fees refunded

Available only at Monarch Community Bank, our ATM Access Fee Refund Program allows debit and ATM card customers to get reimbursed for ANY fee paid to another financial institution for the use of their ATM.

Just get us your receipt(s) showing the additional charge for your transaction and we'll cheerfully refund the fee(s)*. No limit, no kidding! This gives Monarch customers global access to any ATM while helping to avoid fees. In fact, the only time you'll ever pay a fee with a debit or ATM card is after the fourth foreign ATM transaction every month (in which case there is a nominal $1 per transaction fee charged by Monarch).

So, if you are using a "big bank" because they have ATM's all over town, the county, state or nation... now's the perfect time to switch to Monarch Community Bank. We're trying hard to make banking even more convenient (and less expensive too), so give us a try.

*Effective December 1, 2006: While fees charged for withdrawals from any account type are eligible for reimbursement, this program now requires that fees are refunded to a checking account at Monarch Community Bank.