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1 Lot How many shares? Here's an explanation and how to calculate it

When you want to fund shares, you definitely have to buy at least 1 lot and not per share. Then, many people ask 1 lot how many shares? Will this amount affect the price that must be paid by stock investors?

1 Lot How many shares? Here's an explanation and how to calculate it

Shares are a type of capital instrument that represents ownership of an industry. This type of capital instrument can be said to be able to provide large returns or returns, but the risks are similarly high.

Profit from share capital is received from the difference in the buying and selling prices and dividends. Meanwhile, the risk starts from the volatile stock price. Because of the large returns and high risks, investing in stocks needs to be accompanied by expert knowledge and analytical skills.

When investing in stocks, you will be creating various names that you may not know. One of the terms that you will often encounter when investing in stocks is a lot. For newcomer investors, the term lot may be foreign. What are lots? 1 lot how many shares? Follow the description of stock lots in this section.

What is a stock lot?

When buying or selling shares, you will look at the share price per share. Although the price shown is per share, buying or selling shares can only be attempted on a lot basis.

The minimum number of stock businesses is one lot. In Indonesia, 1 lot is equivalent to 100 shares.

The regulation regarding the number of shares in one lot is regulated by the Indonesian Impact Money Market (IDX). Along the way, this rule faced several changes.

First, 1 lot is equivalent to 500 shares. This will definitely make share capital unfriendly for newcomer investors or investors with relatively small capital. The regulation made shares only available for purchase by the general public or the industry.

On January 6, 2014, IDX finally replaced the regulation and amended it with the latest regulation. Since then, the IDX has decided 1 lot is equivalent to 100 shares. In this way, share capital becomes more affordable for everyone. Moreover, students or fresh graduates are also currently able to donate shares. You don't need big capital, it's okay with Rp. 100. 000 only now can buy shares.

In addition, the IDX also has an article to reduce the number of shares in one lot. According to the plan, one lot will be made equal to 50 shares. The goal is to make stocks more liquid or easier to trade.

The regulation regarding 1 lot of shares is certainly different in each country. For example, in the United States Syndicate. In this country, investors are even allowed to buy or sell shares starting from just one share.

The stock market in Hong Kong has yet another different application. There are no definite provisions regarding the number of sheets in one lot in this country. The reason is that the number of shares in one lot varies, depending on the type of stock that investors want to buy.

Meanwhile, the provisions for 1 lot of shares in Malaysia, Singapore and China are the same as in Indonesia. In those 3 countries, 1 lot is equivalent to 100 shares.

Method of dividing the capital to buy shares

Buying shares can be tried through the securities industry deposits. Today, buying shares also continues to be easy with the emergence of various financing applications. So, you can buy shares via your smartphone. When you want to buy shares, you must be confused about how much budget you must provide. The calculation is actually quite simple.

You only need to prepare a budget for the number and price of the shares you want to buy. Not only that, don't skip the business fees that you must give money when buying shares through the deposit securities industry. The amount of business fees for buying shares actually varies in each industry of deposit securities. However, usually the pay for the business ranges from 0.1 to 0.3%.

The method of dividing the share purchase capital is more or less like this:

You want to buy ABCD shares which have a price per share of Rp.2. 300. Because the minimum share purchase business is 1 lot, another name is 100 shares, you must multiply the share price per share by 100 if you want to buy 1 lot. So, the price of one lot of ABCD shares is Rp.230. 000.

Not only that, don't forget to provide business fees. Let's say that in the deposit market where you buy shares you decide on a business fee of 0.2%. Until then, the amount you have to pay is 0.2% multiplied by Rp.23. 000, which is IDR 460. In total, you are more or less required to have a purchase capital of some Rp. 230. 460 to buy a lot of ABCD stock.