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5 Attitudes Traders Should Do

monarchcb.com - The majority of traders think that trading is just a technical problem. As long as you can find a great marker, it's out of trouble, of course. But for me, trading is more than just a technical thing. Trading, whether it's trading stocks, gold or forex, is really about action. Moreover, if I can say, to become a successful trader, technical problems only function small. On the contrary, action is very powerful in ensuring the success of a trader. Why? Because action is a reflection of the mindset, anger, and routine of someone trading. This post will discuss 5 actions that a trader must have and try. Anything? Full follow here

1. Learn With Passion (Practice with enthusiasm)

The earth of trading is very large in scope. Without the passion to practice then, you just want to understand the skin only. Trading is not only about technical matters, but also about understanding the market, market forms, big, micro situations, money management, psychology, and so on. To me, being a trader means being a"neverending learner". Then practice is the key to success in trading.

2. Analyze With Objectivity (Perform analysis with objectivity)

One of the best practices in conducting market analysis is to act objectively. But objectivity, trading analysis will be tainted by anger, rumors, or the conscience of friends. In conclusion, we trade on the grounds of "feeling". So we can be objective in analyzing the market, generally the results will be better.

3. Open Position With Confidence (Open a position with confidence)

When opening a trading position, a trader must carry it out with confidence. It is belief in his trading system, his analysis. With confidence, traders will not be easily swayed by rumors, analyzes of other people on social media, and of course obeys their trading system.

4. Cut Loss With Sincerity

Not always a trader wants to profit then. Something when of course face injury. Don't Want Injury? Don't Be a Trader! If a trader is dishonest, he generally does not want to cut losses. Eventually the injury got worse. When injured, the best course of action is to be welcoming, humble, honest. Traders who act like that, so that their minds are calmer, will not try to retaliate with anger at the market. He wants to practice trading better, rather than blaming the market.

5. Take Profits With Humility

The majority of traders when profits lead to arrogant, because they feel great. The trader feels smart, his analysis is powerful, and his conclusions face what is known as the impact of King Midas. He felt that if he traded again, he wanted to profit again. Because jumawa, he opened a position with a much larger capital, but unfortunately the market always rejoices and punishes arrogant traders. In conclusion, the trader was injured beyond measure. When you take advantage, do it with inner humiliation. Not because you are smart, but because the market is at peace. This action will prevent you from making rougher trades.

A trader who does not act like the above, generally has a short trading life. The trading account is very old corn. Appears and then disappears swallowed by the cruelty of the market. Once again I say, trading is really about action. Without the right actions, you will not be able to succeed as a trader. On the other hand, the market will also teach you how to play. Once you act wrong, then the market will punish you, fast or slow. A trader who has been in the world of trading for a long time, generally also has positive actions such as enthusiastic, objective, confident, honest, and small-minded. If you meet a brash trader, it's generally a newcomer trader whose knowledge is shallow but who can understand the market.

I hope it inspires