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6 Investments that are Suitable for Young People

monarchcb.com - Currently, investment is not something that is difficult to try. Everyone can choose various investment instruments that can now be tried from the application on a smartphone. Capital can also be started with a small capital starting from Rp11. 000 only.

Not only that, there are several types of capital that you can determine the level of risk so you don't have to worry about trying it. Or you can also generate capital as a source of income and you can allocate it for savings. Then what types of capital are appropriate for young children? Follow this further description.

One of the reasons why young children need capital is to prepare for a more established future. Now you can buy a stock at the time you choose and wherever you are. That way you can organize your own investment strategy. Furthermore, the type of capital that is suitable for young children is quoted from Pintu Academy.

1. P2P Lending (Peer to Peer)

Fast returns are offered by P2P Lending. This capital is in the form of a web that brings together debtors and creditors. Where this creditor works to distribute loans to debtors according to the amount of money he needs. In P2P Lending, you work as a creditor and provide the budget needed by the debtor. From this loan budget, you can get returns ranging from 15% - 38%. A fairly large return, of course, with a suitable duration.

2. Mutual Funds

If you are looking for capital with a small effect, then try mutual funds. Moreover, mutual funds can be said to be suitable for young children because they are easy to try. You can also choose which investment instrument is based on the risk.

3. Crypto Heritage Capital

The type of capital that is suitable for young children is the crypto legacy. Which is currently the legacy of crypto as one of the more popular capital instruments. This is because cryptocurrencies offer ease of investment without intermediaries and you can start investing with relatively small capital starting from Rp.11. 000, one of which is through the Pintu capital program.

4. Gold Investment

Investing your money in big metal won't disappoint. The price of gold which is very normal, especially when it goes up, will give you a big profit. Moreover, this type of capital has a very small loss effect.

5. Forex Trading Capital

Want to try something more extreme? To take advantage of forex trading capital. Newcomer investors generally stay away from this one investment product. Because forex trading capital has a large effect but offers a very large return.

6. Share Capital

Not subject to risk from forex trading, stock investment is also suitable as a type of investment for young children. This capital relies on your ability to calculate and calculate which stocks will rise the next day. Continue to be good at your strategy until the profit you can also continue to be large.

On the other hand, many newcomer investors end up in the middle of the path when investing because they face losses. This happens because they have not fully mastered the method of financing activities and even often make mistakes. There are also capital mistakes that often occur in young people, which are too many concepts, lack of data and very careless, putting all the capital in one type of investment.

A capital error that is very often attempted by young people is to put all their capital in one type of capital. Which of these things can result in big losses when the investment product you buy does not grow as expected.

Meanwhile, the method of starting investment at a young age is quite easy, such as determining the investment objectives, determining the amount of capital and the application used, after understanding what the purpose of investment is, then the next step is to determine the amount of capital you want to use. Make sure the capital you are using is not from the monthly desire money, then select the capital instrument