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7 Easy Ways to Buy Stocks for Beginners

Stock investment then proved the style of development in the midst of the Covid-19 endemic. After the end of the epidemic, the number of corporate or retail investors also grew. Then? What is the method of starting to buy shares through the deposit securities industry? 

7 Easy Ways to Buy Stocks for Beginners

In the activity of buying and selling shares, there is PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (BEI) which functions as a market manager in a total way. BEI is the party that regulates what industries can be traded until the role of the industry informs the latest situation of its business activities.

Not only the IDX, in the capital market there is one entity that functions as an agent or intermediary in buying and selling shares. They are the deposit securities industry. 

Like an intermediary in buying and selling, the deposit securities industry functions as an intermediary for investors to buy and sell shares, bringing together those who want to sell shares with those who buy shares. 

Purchase of shares listed on the IDX can only be attempted through securities companies in Indonesia.

As an agent, deposit securities can help open a stock account as well as provide a share purchase program. This precarious position makes the agent role tightly regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as the representative of the authorities in the financial factory. 

Among the stock agents, there are at least 110 registered securities industries. As legitimacy, legitimate agents are certainly listed at the OJK. 

Along with the exploitation of technology, currently in the chart of buying shares on the IDX, investors have been able to carry out fully online.

The following are the rules for buying shares through securities deposited on the IDX: 

1. Registration of a share or impact account. 

First of all, before buying shares, prospective investors must first register themselves to have a share or impact account. 

Initial stock accounts or impact accounts can be tried online through the application or web or offline at the deposit securities industry office. 

2. Register stock accounts and customer budget accounts online. 

Currently, several deposit securities companies have applications and can serve account creation to buying shares online. 

After having a stock account or Customer Budget Account (RDN), investors can link the account with a deposit securities application or industry so that every share purchase and marketing activity can be directly placed in that account. 

3. Install online trading applications 

Many impact industries have provided online trading applications to make it easier for investors in the stock business. 

As a prospective investor, be sure to record in the deposit securities industry that has this facility. The application is also available on the web, playstore or apple store on smart phones. 

Simply install the online trading application, either on your desktop or smartphone, then log in until you are ready to buy shares. 

4. Paying an early deposit fee

After getting verification from the securities industry your account deposit and RDN is active and installing an online trading application, the next step is to deposit an early deposit fee. 

The amount of the early deposit budget is matched with the provisions for the minimum deposit for the securities industry. The early deposition method is quite easy. 

Provide a budget from the funds and pay to your RDN number. Income can be transferred via ATM, mobile banking, or internet banking. 

Waiting for a while after moving to RDN, when charging RDN is done outside of business hours, it will generally take a longer time. After that, see the budget entered in the online trading application that has been installed. 

5. Run a stock buying and selling business 

After listening to the contents of the guide for using the online trading application, make sure that as a prospective investor, you have understood how to buy or sell shares. 

The minimum purchase of shares is 1 lot. The purchase of 1 lot of shares is similar to the purchase of 100 shares. Selling shares is the same way. Shares are sold in the amount of 1 lot. 

Every business buying and selling shares is subject to a business fee. Stocks on the IDX have varied prices. Those prices reflect industry figures. 

Continue to be small in price, continue to be many lots held. Continues to be large in price, continues to be fewer lots that can be bought for a similar budget amount. 

6. Changing online stock instructions 

When conducting a stock business, investors can change the buying price or selling price. In the online stock application there is this feature when carry out stock trading. 

If the price position installed is not established, then you can see the position in the market at that time. After that, investors can change prices according to market conditions. 

7. Business settlement 

The method of buying shares online is different from the usual buying and selling business, which must have money when buying and selling shares buy goods or services. 

In the stock business, the settlement or settlement can be tried 2 days from the start of the business. The cost also matches the business tried 2 days in advance. 

However, if the investor does not carry out settlement within the specified duration, then he will be subject to compensation of 45 percent per year. This settlement is especially important when investors use the limit business feature.