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8 Reasons Why Trader Is The Best Job In The World

monarchcb.com - Why do you want to be a trader? Why trade? If you are considering becoming a trader in the stock, forex, or goods markets, then here are 12 reasons why trading is one of the best professions on earth. Trading is one of those special jobs that offers many benefits that no other job can offer. This is also the alibi why I chose to be a full time trader.

1. Any Backframe Is OK

It doesn't matter what you went through before becoming a trader. Which means it is your skill to consistently make money in trading. You don't need a study title from a well-known university to be a successful trader. Trading is a place based on expertise. Some of the best traders on earth also have no formal education in major academies. As long as you have the will to practice, the will, the intensity and most importantly, the obedient and forbearance, you can become a successful trader.

2. Simple

I hate doing deeds and administration, because like that I avoid capital related deeds, for example in the real estate sector. Creating a business also requires a lot of letters and customers to take care of. In trading, there are almost no certificates and no consumers. All you have to do is open a trading account, deposit money and in no time you can start trading. As simple as that

3. Low Pay

Buying real estate or running a business requires a lot of money to get started. In trading you only need a little money, for example with 10 million rupiah you can open a stock account or for only $ 500 you can open a forex account. You don't need action clothes and cars to work. You can trade at home, while brewing coffee in your pajamas. When mining bitcoin, you really want the latest and fastest PC. But for trading, you can use a cricket PC plus a free trading application. As a trader, I save a lot of money from moving, eating out, and clothing, because I trade at home.

4. Flexible

Being a full time trader will allow you to live a pretty exciting life. You don't need to go to the office every day. Waking up early and being stuck in traffic for hours is not fun at all. Being a full time trader will allow you to free yourself from this modern form of slavery. As a full time trader, you can work whenever you want and wherever you want. As long as there is a reliable internet connection, with a laptop or smartphone, you can trade. You can manage the duration of your activities when planning a vacation, you don't need a vacation during peak season, because you can finish work whenever you want. You can also decide how you work. If you prefer to trade for a longer duration, you can have a lot of free time to do other things. Do you prefer day trading? You can also, if you need more fun in trading. You can familiarize your trading strategy with your wants and preferences. Isn't that an exciting life?

5. You are the Boss

As a trader, you don't have a leader. You are the boss. So a trader means you make your own decisions. If you feel unrefreshed, and don't want to do anything, then you don't need to work. You don't have a leader telling you what to try. You are responsible for your own profession and life.

6. Organize Your Own Social Life

It could be that you don't like connecting with other people. Trader is a profession that does not have to be close to other people to make money. You can be a "Lone Wolf", just you and the market. Or if you like to be with other people, you can meet and make friends with other traders. There are many trading communities out there.

7. Practice Many Things

In trading, you practice many things, not just strategies in Technical Analysis. Over time, you can also practice Elementary Analysis to understand how close the market is, the economic situation, and how it relates to offers and requests. You may also want to learn about politics, because the market is very much carried away by politics. Not only that, practicing the psychology of trading can give you the advantage to master market behavior. This also means that you will know about people's attitudes and be very helpful in your individual bonds. I think it's interesting to practice on a lot of things.

8. You Can Trade Until the End

Trading is not a physical profession. As long as you can click a button or hold your smartphone, you can trade. As a trader, you don't really have to retire if you don't want it. You can do business as long as you want because it is not really a sport and can be tried from home. So, as a trader you have the opportunity to generate income for life. You also have the advantage of having a fresh brain in your old age. Trading is all about important thinking, and it helps you avoid old age senility. 

So that's the alibi why I believe that being a trader is one of the best professions on earth. This is also my alibi then practice and confirm the quality of my trading.

But let's be honest, trading is not easy. This is often discouraging. You could face injury. But don't get too excited. For me, we need to explain to ourselves why we are traders. Hopefully all of the above alibis will serve as a reminder of why you are working so hard to achieve your goals as a successful trader.