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About NFT and How to Sell NFT For Beginners

After Ghozali managed to sell his selfie pictures in NFT form and made a profit of up to billions of rupiah, many people are looking for ways to sell pictures on NFT in the hope of getting uniform profits.

About NFT and How to Sell NFT For Beginners

Well, if you are listed as one of them, don't just sell pictures! You also need to first understand what NFT is, what are its characteristics, and how to sell images on OpenSea or other markets. To learn it, follow the next information to the end.

What is NFT?

Share the descriptions that are printed in the novel“ NFT& Metaverse: Blockchain, Virtual Earth & Regulation”, NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, is a digital legacy on the blockchain network that has a unique recognition code and metadata that differs from one NFT to another (one of the kind).

Not only that description, there are many other descriptions of NFT. One of them is the meaning of NFT which refers to computerized heritage that represents various types of objects, whether they are shaped or not. Even so, you don't necessarily think of all types of objects as a legacy of NFT because one of NFT's personalities is special.

NFT characters

As described above, there are some characters that an object must have if it wants to be used as an NFT. Some of the characters, among others, are the next.

1. Unique

Because of its special character, there will not be a similar NFT and each NFT token is tested to be special. These characteristics can also be recorded in the blockchain network so that no one can fake it.

2. Can be tracked

The origin, ownership, and movement of NFT can also be observed in the blockchain network system. It is this kind of clarity that makes NFT traceable in real-time.

3. Can be authenticated

Because the two characters that have been described previously, so that NFT cannot be faked or replicated. This is because each token is supported by an irreversible digital ledger and a decentralized network so that the token can be authenticated.

4. Can adapt

Another characteristic of NFT is that it can adapt easily. This digital legacy easily mixes with the digital ecosystem in the metaverse world that supports the use and application of NFT. That way, players can trade NFT in various markets.

NFT method

If you look at it for a moment, it can be very unusual if many people are willing to spend their budget just to buy relics that can actually be obtained easily, either by screenshot or download method.

However, this is where consumers can get the digital heritage they love in an authentic way. So, what is being traded here is not solely made of art, but its originality. This is what makes NFT favored by collectors of digital relics.

Some of the types of NFT that are commonly traded on OpenSea or other markets include art, GIFs, movies, virtual avatars, popular designer shoes, tones, and so on. In addition, you can sell anything valuable and special in the form of NFT. For example, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey managed to sell his first tweet as an NFT for over 2.9 million US dollars.

Another characteristic of the NFT is that the owner or legacy inventor can store special data in their assets. As an illustration, an artist can enter their signature into the NFT metadata

Method of Selling Images on NFT OpenSea

OpenSea is a well-known place for buying and selling NFT heritage. This buying and selling program is useful for making it easier for anyone who wants to buy or sell NFT. So, if you are interested in selling images in NFT form on OpenSea, follow the next steps.

1. Registration OpenSea NFT 

Before selling your photos, make sure you've recorded them on OpenSea with this next method.

  • Open the opensea website. oi via a browser, either using a computer or smart phone.
  • OpenSea account records by pressing the wallet symbol or profile picture symbol.
  • Select the “Connect Wallet” menu, then select the alternative digital wallet that you want to use.
  • Open the digital wallet extension that is used to be installed after that.
  • After connecting to the digital wallet, select the "Account" menu and click "Profile" to set the profile-related data that you want to use in OpenSea (starting from your username, email, and other necessary information).
  • After entering all the required data, click “Save” to save it.

After carrying out the steps above, OpenSea will immediately send a note via the listed email. If you have received that email, don't forget to confirm via that email and automatically your OpenSea account can be used.

2. For NFT on OpenSea

After successfully creating an account, you can immediately create an NFT in the program by exploring the next steps.

  • Head to the OpenSea home page, then click “Create”
  • Enter the files (paintings, drawings, films, etc.) that you want to designate as NFT
  • Enter NFT nickname and go through other meaningful settings according to instructions
  • When finished, click "Create"
  • Your NFT is ready for sale

3. Sell NFT on OpenSea

Next, then you can identify the method of selling images on NFT OpenSea by carrying out the next steps.

  • Open the “My Collection” menu by clicking the profile picture symbol at the top right of the screen.
  • Select the NFT you want to sell, then click the “Sell” button.
  • Select the marketing design to be used. For example, if you want to trade it directly, just press the option “Fixed price” and if you want to trade it by auction design, select the alternative “Time auction”.
  • Enter the NFT price with the desired Ethereum cryptocurrency.
  • Set the marketing duration by pressing the "Duration" column and clicking "Complete listing".