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Before Deciding to Become a Full Time Trader

monarchcb.com - Anyone lured into becoming a full time trader or trading for living? Being a full-time trader is indeed an interesting courageous iron, because it has many advantages such as being free to work at any time, being able to make money from trading stocks, forex, gold or others by working at home, without the need to jam to the office and the like. Moreover, there are those who are so passionate that they want to resign from the office profession and become a full time trader. In fact, it is true that one can become a full time trader. I myself am also a full time trader. However, becoming a full time trader is a very meaningful decision in life, especially if you are married. Not everyone can be a full time trader. The wrong decisions to become a full time trader actually have a disastrous impact on your life. Therefore, before leaving office activities and becoming a full time trader, you should think realistically and respond to some of the problems on this basis first.

There are several important questions that you must answer before you end up becoming a full time trader.

1. Is your trading capital large enough?

You can only become a full time trader if the trading capital is large enough. If the capital is less, the profits received will not be able to fulfill the desires of life every day. How big is the capital? It varies according to the desire to live and the trading skills of each person. The method of dividing the minimum capital desire can be read here

2. How long have you been trading first?

How much trading experience is the key means here. The majority of people who want to become full-time stock traders are generally because they first get big profits when the stock market is bullish. Meanwhile, financial markets go up and down, there are times for bullish, bearish, especially when bears can also be times of general depression, recession or mental stress. The majority of newcomer traders have not faced a complete cycle. Stock traders who only had time to face a bullish timeframe, when they ended up becoming a full time trader, lived waiting for all their plans to collapse when the market was bearish

3. Do you want to live a life full of uncertainty and risk?

This is a very important issue for those of you who were previously employees. So the employee's key value is clarity. You earn each month. But being a full time trader is the opposite, full of uncertainty. Even though trading skills are great, a trader will face an era where neither profit nor injury can take place, it could be days, weeks, even months, let alone some for years. This matter is usually intertwined. Not everyone can be close to this kind of situation.

4. Do you have a solid Financial Programming bottom?

This is the most important issue for those of you who are married. With an uncertain income as a trader, it is absolutely necessary to have the skills to manage individual and family finances. How you control your financial situation, manage debt installments, manage cash flow and the like will greatly affect the continuity of work as a full time trader. As an illustration, if you don't handle family finances well during difficult months without past profits or injuries, then there is the potential for quarrels in the family. You don't want it, right, as a full time trader, plus a broken family. Without a strong Finance Personnel, usually his work journey as a full-time trader will be short.

5. Do you want to live a full time trader lifestyle?

As a full time trader, you are usually alone for most of the time, staring at a cellphone or pc screen without much social interaction. Another friend of office activities. Maybe you want to say there are many teams of traders so it's not lonely. But joining such a team is generally useless, a lot of noise is not good and actually interferes with the quality of your trading. You want to trade better, if you do it yourself. I often say full time trader as Lone Trader or Lone Wolf. Not only that, living as a full time trader also has the ability to stress the mind, because of the aspects of uncertainty, and boredom. Such is the fact. If only for a moment is better, but if you become a full time trader, you will face this lifestyle for life. Most people don't have the "energy" to continue being a full time trader for a long time. If you are an extrovert or a "social individual" then a full time trader may not be the right fit for you.

6. Do you want to work and train harder than during office activities?

What motivates you to become a full time trader? Maybe you think that trading is a quick and easy way to make a lot of it while relaxing? Did you guess it's okay to practice installing markers then there are a lot of salabim sims? If you assume that, you should forget about being a full time trader. Trading in a reliable way means practicing more and harder than other professions. The duration of the trade execution is simple, only the clicks end. But behind that there are many ways to practice various disciplines of knowledge, analysis, compliance, risk control and psychology, and all of them must be tried and penetrated. Because when you finish doing it, at that time you will run aground as a full time trader

The majority of people who want to become full time traders and trade for living generally only see the good parts, but don't remember seeing the bad parts. I wrote this post, so that those of you who choose a job as a full time trader are also ready to experience all the unpleasant parts.