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Crypto Day Trading Strategies That You Must Try

In a world of cryptocurrencies, you will want the grit of steel, successful game concepts, and impulsive trading strategies if you are to succeed. You will create steel valor and an impulsive trading program through research, research, and further research. Let's look at the X aspect in this gumbo, which is the trading strategy you want to take advantage of.

Crypto Day Trading Strategies That You Must Try

There are many trading strategies out there as well as some of the programs some of the most popular day trading strategies are remote trading, scalping and arbitrage. If you want to save time, you can immediately move a reliable game trader with eToro, and practice while on track.

Reach Trading

In most cases, cryptocurrencies will be traded for a long period of time within a specific range. Bitcoin, for example, trades between $8. 601, 40 and $10. 210 for a span of 30 days. This ±9.4% range seems abnormal until you find out that Bitcoin can make ±42% turnover in 24 hours.

Cryptomarket investments are quite small so they can be manipulated by one big pioneer. In some cases, the big pioneers will analytically fake the coin price going up and down in order to profit from the range. If you pay attention to these patterns, you can also use them.

When you trade a range, you want to look at the overbought and oversold realms. Overbought means that consumers have fulfilled their wishes, and supplies may be about to be sold; oversold means the opposite. Chart markers, listed in popular stock chart programs, can help you create this realm. Common markers used for this purpose include the Stochastic Oscillator and the relative strength index (RSI).


Pionex is a program that allows you to use special trading bots to automate your crypto investments. You can do your business the manual way if you want, but there are 18 bots to choose from that can do everything for you.

Trading bot options include:

  • Grid Trading Bot allows consumers to buy small and sell big in a specific price range.
  • The Grid Leverage bot distributes leverage up to 5x.
  • The Spot-Future Arbitrage Bot helps retail investors create a comfortable income with minimal risk. The estimated return for this strategy is 15~50% APR.
  • The Martingale bot performs a DCA purchase, a one-time marketing to capture volatility profits.
  • Equalizing the bots helps you to hold the coins.
  • Dollar-Cost Averaging( DCA) Bot Organizes multiple purchases on a regular basis to offset the effects of volatility.

Plus, the Smart Trade stop allows traders to set stop-loss, take profit, and trailing in a single trade.

With a small fee of 0.05% for creators and owners and a small risk, you can enter the crypto market much easier than if you started buying it yourself. Not only that, you can take notes for free.

Try the Pionex mobile app for an experience similar to what you have on the website, live chat with employees, or email with any issue. Remember, you only pay the creator and acceptor fees. In addition, you can save the time you will spend exploring market information and fund doing other things.

IFC Market

IFC Markets offers a wide range of financing options, giving you the alterations you need to build your portfolio. In a special way, you can market CFDs on the web in a number of styles, including:

  • More than 600 financial instruments
  • Low spreads
  • No hidden commissions
  • Instant delivery execution

You have the independence to create your own financial instruments, and you can come up with a strategy that makes a lot of sense for you, your family, or your business. Crypto CFDs have already been issued for BTC and ETH, and more will soon appear. You can also use 1:8 leverage and small minimum load capacity requirements when you create a trading strategy that is suitable for your portfolio.


Scalpers use increased trade load to make a profit. Scalpers can go out of trading seconds after logging in, and many use automated bots to increase the tide of their trading cycle. Ideally, the blantik would go out of trading before the item of information or short-term instability has a chance to change the market's affection for the coin.

It is best to have a large bankroll to use this short time trading crypto strategy. Even though the ROI per trade is minuscule, sacrificing large amounts means a scalp back with a lot of money (0.5% of $100,000 is $500, pretty good for an elegant car payment). Frequent business—often creating 10-20 trades per minute— also means the small profit increases.

Playing Bitcoin Volatility

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) offers an alternative to Bitcoin futures, opening up many volatility strategies for traders. Crypto has 5X the volatility of conventional legacy categories. Volatility trading is ideally goalless, meaning it is possible to make money whether Bitcoin goes up or down.

Far straddle is one of the volatility strategies without the intention of using Bitcoin alternatives. To start, you buy call and put options at the same time for the strike price and at the same time. Bitcoin Straddles are profitable when Bitcoin drops or rises from the deal price more than you qualify. To leave the trade, you sell the call and place it for the same duration.

In simple terms, a big move up or down your bottom line.


Arbitrage involves buying cryptocurrency in one market and trading it in another at a higher price. The comparison of the buying and selling prices of an item is known as the “spread”. As a normally unregulated market, crypto allows anyone to make changes. This can lead to large comparisons in spreads due to the residual liquidity ratio and trade load capacity.

In the crypto market, traders generally hold a portfolio in the money market they trade. To start an arbitrage opportunity, open an account in a money market that you believe will provide very different prices for the same legacy.