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How to Learn Stocks Online: Pay Attention to These Tips To Make Money

monarchcb.com - Today's online stock practice method is something that is not difficult to try along with technological advances. Because now there have been various programs that offer stock investment services and practice playing stocks online. So, you can also easily start buying shares armed with a deposit market application and internet network.

After entering the capital market as an investor or stock trader, you always have to practice stocks. The reason is, stocks are a type of capital in the capital market that has big risks and you must be able to minimize risk in order to earn big money.

The method of stock capitalization and stock trading can now be tried online, as well as the learning method. Come down to the world of stock investment for newcomers, without expert knowledge capital, so you will only waste time, energy, money, and thoughts.

Even so, with the online stock practice method that is tried does not change, so you can avoid risk and get profit from this capital instrument. What are the advantages of stock investment that you can have from the online stock practice method?

Share Capital Profit

Earn income from dividends

Dividend is an allotment of profits to shareholders according to the number of shares owned. There is also this allotment to reduce retained earnings and available cash for the industry, but profits are always left to investors.

Income from this dividend can be passive income for you.


One of the advantages of the online stock practice method is that you can find out about diversification of capital.

Diversification interpretation is a method for minimizing investment risk by distributing funds to various other investment instruments. Not only that, stock diversification will greatly help you cope with losses from other investment products.

Capital gain

Not only can you get a return from dividends, there are also other methods, namely capital gains.

Capital gain is the profit obtained from the difference between the selling price and the purchase price, which you have after selling the stock. So, by practicing stock online, you will also know how to get money from capital gains.

Company ownership

Buying shares means you are part of the ownership of that industry. Continue to increase the number of shares held so that your voice will also be important in sharing decisions in the industry.

There is transparency

The capital market is part of the general economy that has a transparent system of activities in fulfilling the good wishes of investors or not in terms of evaluation, as well as pricing. With clarity, this will provide a sense of comfort for investors because the funds that have been invested will not be lost in vain or because of problems in the industry.

Online Stock Practice Methods: Pay Attention To These 5 Guides To Cuan

1. Sorting out the right deposit securities industry

The initial method of practicing stock online is by selecting a deposit securities industry program in order to be able to buy shares. There are many security deposit programs emerging today, be sure to choose an industry that has been legally registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority and has become an Indonesian Impact Money Market (IDX) agency.

Another method is to check reviews from consumers, whether in online posts, or reviews on the Google Play Store and App Store. At least you will have an idea if this industry is suitable or not for use.

2. Open a stock account (Customer Budget Account)

Currently, to open an account in the deposit securities industry, you can try online.

In the initial process of creating an account, you will be asked to include various deeds and include the forms that have been made. If you are in doubt, you can why visit the relevant deposit securities industry directly to get education on how to open a stock account.

The stock account in this case is not a normal account, right. But a special account for depositing funds in the stock trading business, or commonly called a Customer Budget Account (RDN).

3. Deposit capital

The next method of practicing stock online is to deposit a budget so that you can run a stock business.

To run a stock trading business, you must first deposit some capital in the RDN account. The amount of the budget is matched with the budget you have.

If the initial business has been successful, then in the next business you can make payment of roles within a span of 2 days after business or settlement.

4. Online stock trading business

In the stock trading business, you will be charged fees with different nominal according to the determination of the deposit securities industry.

How to practice stock online, you will also understand the term lot which means a dose of price like something. The lot basis itself is used globally in conducting the stock business. The Indonesian impact money market (BEI) has decided to purchase a minimum of 1 lot, or equal to 100 shares.

The amount of lots you want to buy must be familiar with the budget skills that you have presented. Expensive or economical, the stock price will reflect the legacy as well as the number of the issuer.

If you do stock marketing, then the figure to be obtained matches the selling price of the shares minus the business fees and income tax. For business fees it differs for each industry of deposit securities, but usually 0.2-0.3% of the share purchase amount has VAT included.

5. Looking for stock referrals who want to share profits

For the online stock practice method, it is better to have a record of which issuers you want to buy shares or collect. It should not be from stock selection, you must look at it carefully. Learn the basics or capabilities of the industry from year to year listed in the future opportunities.

You can find out about the capabilities of these issuers on the Indonesian Impact Money Market website, industry legal websites, or dialogue forums by investors. No less remember, you must study financial information carefully.

Capital experts such as the Indonesian stock legend, Lo Kheng Hong, recommends buying shares from industries that have good financial capabilities, easy business activities and strong factory selection against the onset of an economic recession.