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The Best Crypto Copy Trading In 2022 Full Review

Crypto trading has gained a lot of fame in recent years, and so has moved crypto trading software and crypto trading bots. This software is a great opportunity for newcomer crypto traders to earn money without having great knowledge and experience.

Traders Syndicate Experts have created a ranking of the best crypto copy trading software of 2022 based on their reliability and copy trading expertise to help crypto newcomers choose the best social trading cryptocurrency software.

What is Cryptocopy Trading?

or interesting-articles or what-is-copy-trading or, also known as social trading, is the act of transferring the trades of other merchants automatically through special software. This is attempted through copy trading software which allows the traders to link their trading accounts to the trading network. When the trading person in charge of the network executes a trade, the trade is automatically copied in a special ratio that is authorized by each trading person by the other trading accounts connected to the network. Likewise, crypto copy trading refers to the act of moving crypto trades attempted by other traders.

Important Types of Crypto Copy Trading Software Features

Crypto copy trading software plays a significant role in automating trading methods and making it easier for newcomer crypto traders to make profits without carrying out intensive market analysis and taking huge risks. However, there is not only one type of crypto copy trade software. Next are 3 important types:

  • Cryptoexchange Software Features

This type of crypto copy trading software is offered by special crypto variants, which support multiple cryptocurrencies and crypto counterparts. This allows newcomer traders to profit from escalating prices of different cryptocurrencies while shifting trades attempted by more professional traders.

  • Trading Bot Switch

These types of software are generally created by third-party companies and can be integrated with custom crypto modifications. The software features a trading bot that automatically executes trades based on specific instructions. They can also have a crypto copy trading feature to transfer other traders' trades. This application can be free or paid.

  • Crypto Brokerage Software Features

This type of crypto trading software is offered by online agents that support cryptocurrencies, and has similar features to cryptoexchange software.

TU experts select the best crypto copy trading software and set the levels to help you choose the best one for you.

eToro( Trader Transfer)- Best for Crypto Copy Trading

eToro Copy Trader is a social trading software tool created by the popular online agency eToro to help newcomer traders earn more by moving trades attempted by more professional traders. In addition to being a very popular online agent, eToro is also regulated by 3 important regulators, namely: CySEC in Europe, FCA in the UK, and ASIC in Australia.

It's completely free to use the Copy Trader software, and you don't have to pay anything to move another trader, but you must deposit at least $200 in your eToro account to do business with this agent.

eToro Copy Trading is considered to be the best program for copy trading because it has one of the largest social trading networks to generate cool income. This arises because of the small entry threshold, profitable trading environment, excellent functionality, and simplicity. It also has one of the most advanced methods of choosing which merchant to copy.


CryptoHopper is a great option for automated crypto trading if you are looking for a crypto trading bot creator or crypto copy trading software. For automated crypto trading, CryptoHopper has some very reliable crypto trading bots. These crypto bots execute trades on your cryptocurrency exchange account based on the instructions you share.

This crypto bot has 3 pricing plans: $19 or month, $49 or month, and $99 or month. There is also a free type with limited functionality.

These crypto trading bots do not work with all cryptocurrency alterations. However, it is compatible with Binance, Coinbase Defend, Bittrex, and some other money markets. It supports trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies.

Customization bots I and then grow, hold style and respond to signs perfectly. Bot behavior can be programmed to explore specific strategies.

There is also a feature for social trading that allows consumers to automatically execute trades suggested by token providers, called token donors, which can be free or paid.


Zignaly is a relatively recent crypto trading software, released in 2018, that allows crypto traders around the world to transfer the trades of other traders, and use crypto trading bots for free.

With Zignaly's copy trading program, you can remove many merchants from its social trading network. You can also look at a lot of relevant data when working through their profiles, such as the profitability of keeping track of time frames, number of duplicate engines, and other types of advances.

Zignaly also has a For Profit feature which allows its customers to share some money with a trader, and when that trader opens a position, some of that money is spent on that trade. When the trader closes a position with a profit, he finds some of that profit, and the excess is distributed equitably among the many people who gave him the money. 

Trader's commissions are different for each trader, but most merchants charge close to 20% of the profits. This fee is weighted only when the merchant makes a profit, and Zignaly collects 5% of that commission.

Using Zignaly, crypto traders can also link trading bots to Zignaly-compatible token facilitators. This sign facilitator can be free or paid.

Zignaly is also interested in offering the best protection to its customers. Zignaly cannot access your budget, and uses an RSA encrypted API key to link your Zignaly account to your agent account. It also requires its customers to use 2FA (2-way authentication) to log into their Zignaly accounts and to withdraw funds.