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MACD Divergence Strategy, a Must Try!!!

The MACD divergence strategy is a good method for analyzing the market and confirming style retrogressions, and if used correctly, it can also be used to determine specific entry points into the market.


MACD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence is a momentum marker that proves the bond between the 2 generally moving from the legacy price. The markers are calculated by relieving the Typical Exponential Movement of 26 timeframes rather than the typical movement of 12 timeframes. There is also a histogram on the marker which can also be used as a divergence marker.

Finally, you will then see the MACD line, which is shown as a marker at the bottom of the price chart. On the markers, you will also see the 9 timeframe EMA of the MACD, which is also known as the marking line.

The marking line can be used to define a head word to market. For example, buy when the signal line crosses above the MACD line and sell when it passes below the bottom.


Divergence as a common term in trading can be defined as when the oscillators or momentum markers do not confirm the intention of the current price movement.

MACD divergence is similar. This occurs when the price moves to one goal and MACD moves to the opposite direction.

For example, if the EURUSD price makes a larger high, but the MACD shows a smaller high, this is considered a divergence, or MACD divergence.


There are generally 2 moves that exist with different dexterity: one that responds to price changes more quickly, and the other more slowly.

When a new style occurs, the lightning line will react first and the conclusion will exceed the slower line.

When this "crossover" occurs, and the lightning line begins to "diverge" or escape from the slower line, it is often a sign that a new style has been created.

For example, when the downward force is initiated, and the lightning line diverges from the slow line, the histogram becomes more visible, which indicates a strong force. However, generally moving is known to lead to the neglect of the price.


When you market this MACD strategy, the goal is to create an eminent ending in style. You may have followed the term: "Style is your friend" first? Well, if you have a way to make ends meet in a style, then a very weak path is to do business with style and not fight it when the odds are over.

That's exactly what this strategy is trying to achieve, but to do it, it uses a mix of multi-time frame analysis, style recognition, and MACD divergence.


MACD is tasked with the following markers:

Simple 20-period Moving Average

The SMA divides the generally selected price range, generally the closing price, by the number of timeframes within that range

Relative Vigor Index ( RVI)

The RVI is an oscillator centered on the closing price of deposit securities to the range of their costs.

Money Flow Index ( MFI)

This oscillator is centered on price and load capacity. This will create fewer buy and sell signals than other oscillators because the MFI wants price movement and load spikes to create over-articulation.

Triple Exponential Moving Average (TEMA)

TEMA is an indicator that smooths out three exponential moving averages..


TRIX is a good companion to MACD because it is an oscillator, but more importantly, it is a momentum oscillator.

Awesome Oscillator( AO)

Awesome Oscillator is a comparison of the usual simple movements of 5 timeframes and generally simple movements of 34 timeframes.


As with other trading markers, it is best not to use MACD separately. Instead, make use of it with other markers.

This is because the MACD divergence on its own, does not show price retrogression with the accuracy required for day trading. Not only that, MACD is no longer useful after a solid price rally.

As such, traders should focus more on price behavior and the style of the MACD divergence.


The MACD divergence strategy has some great advantages, but also disadvantages. Some of the advocates and opponents of the strategy are:

MACD Divergence Profits:

  • Ensure proper entry and exit points
  • The filter runs out of trades through encounters with pitchfork markers
  • Can be used on any legacy

Disadvantages of MACD Divergence:

  • Momentum marker can't confirm style retrogression without other technical analysis markers
  • A lot of time is needed to analyze the market