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monarchcb.com - The desire of every trader of course to benefit from every trade he does. However, not all attempted trades are going to make a profit. There are times when the price does not move according to wishes and results in injury. In fact, there are special signals that convey the message that the trades that we are in are in the wrong position and have the potential to end up getting injured, especially if left unchecked, the potential for injury is greater. If we can pay attention to this signal we can close the position early and be free from bigger losses.

The following are the 4 characteristics of potentially injured trading:

1. After quite a long time, the price does not move to the desired goal

For example, you open a trading position, but after waiting for a long time, the price does not move to the desired goal. Prices that do not move or are relatively background, are generally a symptom of a trend that has occurred or is about to end. If this happens, you can think about closing the position, and then enter the market again if the latest trend has formed


After opening a trading position, the price then rotates and cannot return to the highest or lowest levels first. It means that the established trend is no longer strong to continue the rally. If this happens, it is usually a symptom of a trend that has or is about to end, it could be a sign that a trend change has begun.

3. Injuries Keep Getting BIG

Enlarged losses are generally a sign of wrong trading positions. This means that the price does not change according to the dream and actually contradicts. If it's just a minor injury, it's understandable, but if the injury continues to be big, you're probably in the wrong trading position.

4. Want to increase the POSITION CONTINUOUSLY

In connection with feature no. 3, generally trading in the wrong position wants to add the last position (averaging). This matter is related to the aspect of Trading psychology. If you feel this way, it's usually the wrong trading position. A word of wisdom: Losers average losers. A stumped trade is a trader who then raises an injured trading position. As you increase the position of the injury, usually the injury will continue to grow and eventually lead to collapse.

If you encounter the 4 trading characteristics of the wrong trading position above, beware. Although not always true, these four characteristics are generally symptoms that you are in the wrong trading position and need to think about closing trading positions early.

I hope this post is useful