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Stock Trading Tips for Employees - Without Disturbing Work in the Office

monarchcb.com - Many people are lured into becoming stock traders, including employees. But unfortunately, employees who work in offices have a good limitation of time, energy and mind that can be devoted to stock trading. When on duty in the office, of course, you can't easily observe the market. Wanting to sneak a peek at the market can also be confusing. If found to be scolded by superiors or can be stopped. That's why many people feel they can't be efficient as stock traders while on office duty. For me, employees can always be stock traders, as long as they know various tips and strategies for trading stocks in an efficient and effective way. Want to know how the trick? Follow this post completely.


1. What is Important is the Office Profession

An important principle that you need to adhere to is always an important office job. Because you are an office worker, so income is important from office work. Here I absolutely do not recommend stealing time for trading during business hours. Not only is it not true, it is also inefficient, because the mind is not focused. Abandoned office professions, stock trading is also uncertain about profits. What you need to think about is how to trade without disturbing working hours

2. Carry out stock analysis at night

The stock money market opening hours are similar to the office hours in which you work. Therefore, in order not to disturb office hours, all methods of trading analysis should be tried at night after the stock market closes. Do not do it in the morning, because generally in the morning you are more busy schedule. If you are experienced, stock analysis at night can be tried in a few minutes or as long as an hour.

3. Select the appropriate trading style

Due to the limited duration, you cannot trade with random strategies. For example, you certainly can't do day trading, because you want to disturb the focus of activities at the office. The best option is swing trading, with a Daily (daily) or Weekly (weekly) time frame diagram. This trading strategy will make you more free and less afraid of price volatility every day. To learn more about trading strategies you can read recommended books for practicing stock trading

4. Selection of Shares that are not very Fluctuative

When on duty at the office, you certainly don't want to falter in concentration. Stocks that are very volatile have the potential to give you a fear of missing out when you are on duty, as a result, it will disturb the focus of activity. Trading blue chip stocks with more limited fluctuations is recommended.

5. Don't Trad through Sales

I recommend not trading through sales, in that you visit the salesperson to carry out orders to buy or sell shares. This will usually disturb the accent of your activities, especially if the naughty salesperson has called during a meeting to let you actively trade. You should take advantage of online trading services, in that you mean trading yourself through online trading applications.

6. Take advantage of the Best Online Trading Application

My recommendation is to open a stock account in securities that have an online trading application that is easy to use, complete with features and can be used mobile via a smartphone. This type of mobile may be needed if you want to check the market, change instructions, for example during office breaks.

7. Follow Instructions Outside Of Office Hours

Instructions to buy or sell shares should be tried outside office hours, for example at night for trading the next day. This is easy to try if you use an online trading application such as HOTS which has a Booking Instructions tool (night instructions for trading the next day).

8. Run Order Automation

Do not carry out the decision to buy and sell shares impulsively, but always plan your trading. For example, from a nightly analysis, you can determine what stock to buy, buy at what price, take profit at what price, and cut loss at what price. When everything is known, you can live install instructions automatically. In online trading applications such as HOTS, you can use the Automatic Instructions tool to set a stop loss.

9. Keep On Duty As Usual

If you do all the things I suggest as above, you should always be able to work quietly. No need to bit by bit check the market. As long as you have done the analysis, the automated instructions have been tested beforehand, so you just need to work as usual and after that just check the night market after returning to the office.

With the various tips above, you should be able to trade stocks without disturbing the important profession as an employee. When everything goes easy, your job shot up, accompanied by additional profits from stock trading.