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The Best Trading Book of All Time (Update 2022)

It took me a long time to decide which novel to include in this record. There are so many great trade novels out there, and of course many more that I haven't read, and perhaps some that for other trading people deserve to be on this record more than others.

But the Top 10 notes have 10 in them for some reason, and if I were to load all of them, it would be hard to know where to start.

So I've summarized those notes into 10 of the most influential trade novels I've ever read. Each of these novels had a strong, lasting, and positive effect on my trade.

Each and every one of them is full of invaluable knowledge into the field of business and what it takes to be successful as a trader.

If you are new to trading or you are struggling to build your edge, then I believe you will make the numbers on this note!

Note that this is an ordinary trading novel that motivated me to pursue success as a trading person. If you want to take a look at my Maximum 10 notes for Trading Psychology novels in a special way, check out Maximum 10 Best Trading Psychology Novels of All Time.

1. Market Wizards

The original Market Wizards by Jack Schwager was a trading classic for an alibi.

This is one of the first novels I read when I was about to become a merchant. I think the best place to start is to read about other trading people and what has worked for them.

The novel consists of a question and answer session with the world's popular merchants who are elite in their pursuit of options.

They replace the icon of market success and what can happen if you have the ability and are obedient to practice yourself properly.

This is a must read for all traders. Whether you are a newcomer or an elite trader looking to improve your game, Market Wizards has something of value to offer everyone.

2. One Good Trade

In One Good Trade: In the Highly Competitive Earth of Ownership Trading Mike Bellafiore provides the principles and methods that have enabled him to navigate the very challenging markets of the past 12 years.

He describes how he has stuck the techniques onto the desks of elite trading people in the specialty trading industry SMB Capital, which he co-founded.

In doing so, he uncovers the methods of activity within his company, explaining the challenges of prop trading and understanding why traders succeed or fail.

Being a better trader wants compliance, skill development, and a statistically profitable trading strategy, and this book will show you how to improve all three.

3. New Trader, Rich Trader

Next is the popular New Trader, Rich Trader!

This novel is written by Steve Burns. This is a fantasy early-person perspective of Steve's individual trading expedition with a detailed narrative of his interactions with his trading mentor.

This novel may not teach you a lot of things that you didn't know if you are a professional and profitable trading person, but if you are new to trading or struggling to make your strengths, then I cannot recommend this novel further.

I wrote this novel about a year after I had consistently made a profit, but I can relate to everything Steve wrote. Steve is a stock trader and I am a forex trader, but the lessons he learned were the same as the ones I had to learn to overcome my intellectual weakness in trading.

Not only that, not only is it very helpful for new traders by giving them a real picture of what their trading expedition was like, it is also very entertaining as a story. I get myself excited to see what happens to New Trader after I finish each paragraph that makes it hard to put down a novel – and it's not often that you create a trading novel that grips your imagination like that.

There is also a second novel that is as good as this novel. And after writing this, I feel like reading both again myself just for entertainment purposes only.

Own these 2 classic trade novels if that sounds like something you'll want to enjoy!