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The Importance of a Wise Investment Strategy for Beginners

monarchcb.com - The drastic drop in Bitcoin numbers in early 2022 made many newcomers look back to funding crypto.

The depreciation of the Bitcoin figure which reached more than 50% in May 2022 when compared to its highest price in November 2021 made the crypto world boom. Bitcoin had reached a value of US $ 68,000, is now down to US $ 32. 000. This incident made many people predict that there will be a crypto market crash in 2022.

security, Bitcoin is the most holder of the crypto market as well as an appearance to be made of the influence of the crypto market in a totality way. Even so, many experts, if crypto investment is still a lot of power to increase in the following years and beyond.

For a newcomer, of course confused about what factors trigger a market crash and also how to fund the right way to experience this event.

Trigger Market Crash

The rise and fall of crypto prices is influenced by several aspects. But there are many aspects that are very different from the market price aspect of the typical stock money market. This is because the price of Bitcoin cannot be delegated from how well the industry behind it remembers that this crypto legacy doesn't have a legacy under the industry like stocks.

An important consequence of these legacy price movements lies in the public's affections and the assumptions of the growers towards them. That's why Bitcoin has volatile price movements, especially in a matter of 24 hours. To be more detailed, here are the things that could influence the public towards Bitcoin's legacy and possibly lead to a market crash:

There is minus information about the legacy of Bitcoin which is made from mass tools. Mass media reporting results in great returns when Bitcoin investors decide to sell their legacy. When negative information is disseminated, after that there may be panic selling which makes the price of the legacy continue to drop.

The existence of limited liquidity results in confusing market balancers. The latest danger that can cause losses for investors.

The Wise Method of Experiencing a Market Crash for Beginners

The existence of the Bitcoin and Luna coin market crash in 2022 made many newcomer investors to start finding their fate in the crypto world. But fear not, there is not the slightest bit of ignorance you can go through in order to experience the event.

1. Don't Sell Relics Suddenly Drop Prices

Panic selling when the price of the legacy drops makes price movements continue to shrink until they run out. Before you rush into selling a relic, make sure you need to add more time if the analysis has tried to take into account the future of the relic.

In the case of Bitcoin, the price of 40% was initially, being compared to the previous price, especially since the Bitcoin ecosystem has become more established than any other legacy. If the difference in price is caused by negative affection, then again, does the information really have to be carried away with important consequences for inheritance? After carrying out the analysis, then make a decision with a cool head.

2. Always be quiet and don't panic

One of the good things that investors need to have is the management of psychology in experiencing price instability. Make sure you have a real strategy when taking into account the ups and downs of prices before that happens. That way, you can be quieter in making decisions. Always being quiet when other people are around can be one of your strengths in donating.

3. Sorting out the types of capital that can help save in the event of a market crash

In a market crash, generally the type of trading capital is one that is very risky for big losses. This is due to the accumulation of profits from market movements that traders try in a short period of time. To silence your results without growth, you can lock them in a fixed account or stake the Tokenomy crypto investment program. Next is the details of the fixed deposit and staking.

- Fixed savings

Fixed deposits are forms of capital such as savings funds in general. Basically, you button the relic for a set amount of time and earn profits in the form of continuous interest.

The difference with deposits is usually a fixed deposit in Tokenomy Earn which can provide interest that can reach 7.75% annually and you can start with an early deposit of IDR 500,000 only. Not only suitable for newcomers, this type of investment is very suitable for those of you who prefer to invest long-term.

- Staking

The staking plan is actually quite close to fixed deposit. The only difference is that the money you save will be used to directly participate in conducting business authorizations that occur in the crypto blockchain system. The profit received can be in the form of coin rewards or interest that reaches a value of 4%. Very suitable to be used as a cool source of income using crypto heritage