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Tips for Avoiding Fraudulent Crypto Investments

monarchcb.com - Zipmex Indonesia launched a community that invites friends to provide data and knowledge about crypto heritage. A community called Zipmex Troops which was launched on June 18th aims to share financial inclusion and access without restrictions. Another goal of creating this community is to help its members achieve financial independence and produce reliable investors in Indonesia.

“We aim for everyone to have access to financial independence and Zipmex Troops accommodates that. One of our goals is to break down the barriers that block citizens' access to digital heritage. Generally, access to practice digital heritage is expensive. But with Zipmex Troops, it's free," said Head of Community Zipmex Indonesia Andi in a press release, Tuesday (22 or 6).

From the end of 2020 until early 2021, the legacy of crypto capital is a byword. Unfortunately, the people's great interest in this product is not equipped with expert insight and knowledge. In conclusion, not a few people ended up being seriously injured because they were tempted to lure profits from fake crypto investments.

Taken from a press release, the Head of the Capital Care Task Force, Tongam L. Tobing, said that his group had frozen the activities of 62 private crypto entities. There are various modes of fraudulent crypto investment. Some offer interest per day, per week, to create a multi-level marketing (MLM) system such as a pyramid. As a result, the more people who are brought in, the greater the profit to be obtained.

Here are 5 ways to stay away from fake crypto investments:

1. Funding in programs listed in CoFTRA

Indonesian authorities have legitimized crypto heritage as a legacy of capital. Its trading is also regulated by the Ministry of Trade through the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Body. In early 2021, CoFTRA has decided on 13 potential industries for trading crypto heritage, one of which is Zipmex.

Before deciding to start investing in cryptocurrencies, you are advised to find out the name of the industry in CoFTRA's records. Do not buy relics or invest in industries that are not listed by CoFTRA. Because, to a large extent your budget may be lost or it could be misused.

2. Selection of the right crypto legacy

As with other types of funding, you must know the ins and outs of a legacy before deciding to donate. Before choosing a crypto legacy, first find out the purpose and purpose of its creation. Each crypto legacy certainly has a utility (utility) that intends to overcome the existing problems.

Find out what the purpose of the crypto legacy is, how it works, and what kind of processes are in the blockchain. You are also advised to find out who the creators of the crypto legacy are and what their track record is in the past in the blockchain aspect. You can have all this data in a whitepaper that can be downloaded freely on the internet.

3. Worry about ponzi design

Ponzi's design is one of the most up-and-coming modes of deception in the financial aspect. Not only in digital currency, but also in fiat currency.

Its modus operandi offers some great advantages over a short duration. In this mode, each investor will get money in the form of profit that starts from the payment of subsequent investors, not profits from the business field being tried. As a result, when no other investors enter, your profits will also disappear.

To avoid risk, make sure you ask the basic data of the business in detail. In general, Ponzi designs will best cover all industry data from investor performance.

Also look for reviews related to the industry or line of business on internet forums. Arrange communication with many people who have been involved in it to get complete data before deciding to donate.

4. Guidance and In-depth Study

There is no excuse for practicing. When investing in crypto assets, the most important capital that investors and traders need to have is knowledge and insight. Without sufficient knowledge and knowledge, your capital can run out in a short time. Because, you donate without a mature strategy and put it in the wrong place.

5. Associate with the right community

The crypto legacy thrives and grows through the community. This event can be said to be very different from other types of capital. Not to be confused, the crypto heritage activist community has fairly close ties to one another. Each customer usually switches data and provides knowledge about crypto heritage.

Generally, the crypto legacy community often makes special events that educate members in funding. At Zipmex, there are several regular activities that are held on a regular basis and free of charge for its customers. Starting from talk shows to trading applications with professional traders of crypto heritage.