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Understanding Financial Advisor Duties and Responsibilities

Financial Advisor

monarchcb.com - A financial advisor or financial advisor is a position in an industry that has an obligation to provide services and data as well as methods related to financial management, included in investment and insurance plans. Usually this profession is in the insurance industry, for example AXA Mandiri, Manulife, Takaful Insurance and AIA Financial.

Financial Advisor's Responsibilities

In an industry that moves in the aspect of financial services, the position of financial advisor is a very important position. A financial advisor has an important duty is to analyze the financial needs of consumers and provide encouragement to solve financial problems. In addition, make financial concepts for short or long term goals.

In carrying out his profession, various suggestions for capital instruments will be offered by a financial advisor to consumers according to their goals and desires.

Take an illustration, consumers will have a retirement budget as well as a children's learning fee funding budget. The financial advisor's obligation is to identify the client's needs and then provide appropriate advice or suggestions for making investment for the purpose of success.

There are also some of the main obligations that must be carried out by financial advisors, namely:

  1. Meet or greet customers in the office to share their encouragement of financial problems.
  2. Describe what financial products or services the industry wants to offer.
  3. Provide guidance to consumers and provide input regarding various investment instruments and their risks.
  4. Share suitable investment advice with consumers.
  5. Helping consumers to program financial goals both short and long term.

Especially financial advisors who work in the insurance and banking industries, they are also tasked with increasing the marketing of insurance products in addition to their key obligation to offer capital instruments.

Although this is an obligation on the part of insurance or marketing agents, sometimes they only understand the product, without knowing how the consumer's finances are. Because that's why we need a financial advisor who works to find solutions and provide advice to consumers regarding how to quote insurance products or services.

They do not only work to offer products, besides that they also have to serve complaints from policy holder clients regarding insurance products that have been taken. In this situation, financial advisors must be able to share the path to go and explain in detail the cases that have occurred to their clients.

Responsibilities of Financial Advisor

There are several responsibilities that are weighted on financial advisors in carrying out their profession:

  1. Increase the marketing of financial products or services.
  2. Confirming that consumers or clients really understand the product data offered to them.
  3. Allowing consumers who submit complaints or claims to get good service and the right solution.

Terms& Financial Advisor Qualification

As someone who has obligations and responsibilities related to consumers and services, of course an industry decides some of the requirements & Qualifications that must be met to become a financial advisor:

  1. Has an attractive performance and can improve the image of the industry.
  2. Have good communication skills.
  3. Have experience in banking and insurance aspects.
  4. Minimum learning Deed 3.


Such is a description of what the obligations and responsibilities of a financial advisor are. For someone who is a fresh graduate, it turns out that this job desk is a little difficult, but as long as you want to practice and put in the effort, you will be able to do it.

Every professional job has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on how we deal with it. Hopefully this post is useful for those of you who want to know the ins and outs of the world of financial advisors before they actually get into it.