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What is a Financial Plan

monarchcb.com - Financial programming, for Certified Financial Planner, Financial Planning Standards Board Indonesia, is a way to achieve one's life goals through financial management in a planned way.

The life goals that a person wants to achieve can take the form of: getting married, owning their own house, having individual means of transportation, performing the pilgrimage, being ready to pay for children's learning, and providing a retirement budget for the day they are old.

Financial programming helps a person to achieve his life goals

The benefits of financial programming can be experienced by having "dreams and goals" of one's financial decisions. Through financial management, a person can understand how every financial decision made affects other areas of the totality of his financial situation. By viewing each financial decision as part of a totality, one can think about the short-term and long-term impact on his life goals. He can more easily adjust to the changes of life and feel more comfortable because his goals lie on the right route.

Financial programming can be used as a tool to be able to meet financial needs in the present and future.

In conclusion, tomorrow, an ambitious person can achieve the ultimate goal of financial programming, namely financial independence, which can mean: freedom from debt, availability of income streams from the capital he has worked on, and financial protection from any risks that may arise. .

In managing financial programming, a person will be influenced by the situation (live event) he is feeling, so that financial programming will have a special character. Financial programming is also a sustainable and energetic method. At some point, the concept could require adaptation.

Next are some situations or events that can affect a person's financial programming:

  • Marital status (unmarried or married)
  • Professional situation (always have a profession or not)
  • Age (age that continues to increase)
  • Family situation (number of family bodies to be trusted)
  • The situation of the national economy (easing in looking for a profession and income)
  • Level of education (level of learning affects income), and
  • His state of health (affects pay and continuity of income).

Changes in one or more of the above situations can affect the financial programming that a person or family has made. As a result, a person's financial programming often has to be rearranged (energetic).