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About Financial Consultants You Must Know

monarchcb.com - Many people have difficulty managing the money they have today. A lot of income, rather quickly disappeared without understanding where to go. With capital, they are actually tricked by being deceived by profits that are always large profits or lack of knowledge in funding.

So, from that point on, we want to review this financial discussion service so that the money we have is well-organized, moreover, it can increase side income. From the understanding, what is the advantage, where can we look for it, and other conditions related to this ministry.

So, this is a Financial Consultant and all that stuff.

What is a Financial Consultant

As the tunnel discussed above, many people have difficulty managing their finances in the right way. Managing finances is also not an easy problem. Moreover, there have been many blunders here and there. Until we need professional services, namely Financial Consultants.

As usual, Financial Consultants are an independent industry and professional body that helps in financial management, from financial programming and financial management. Anyway, so that you understand, what kind of income is appropriate for you, invested as well as in the market, so that you wake up financially, and of course financially free in your old age.

Certified Financial Planner

In financial consultants, people who serve themselves professionally are required to have a CFP or its abbreviation as a Certified Financial Planner. We must first look at the person we want to pay for this service, and this CFP can be an important reference. To be more reliable.

Or do you want to be a Financial Planner?

To be able to have a CFP certification, you must explore various nursery courses and programs that prepare them to deal with cases of personal or industry (consumer) financial problems.

Holders of CFP certification, like other professions, are required to carry out their duties with the code of ethics that has been determined.

To certify this job, there is a body that holds it. More tapetly the Financial Planning Standards Board or abbreviated as FPSB, and listed as an international body.

A Must-Have Outlook for Financial Planners

For a financial planner, a financial planner must have 4 views. What's that?

  1. Guidance in official learning on aspects of individual financial programming. (Can be an alumnus of Financial Management, Business & Finance, Business Administration, or Actuarial Insights)
  2. Have at least 3 years of providing financial advice to consumers.
  3. Passed the financial programming work standard test and was recognized and listed by the State.
  4. Raise your hand on the provisions of the work ethics code that has been determined.

The task Why?

Basically, the obligation of a Financial Planner is how to optimize the financial management you have today to achieve finances in the future. Financial freedom.

For how it works, we (customers) meet with consultants and make friends and seek to understand a clear explanation of our current position and where we are going.

Then the consultant interviewed us about individual data such as, status, profile of capital, profession, trust and other benefits obtained from industry or individual income.

After that the consultant will arrange a timeline for our life goals.

From that timeline, we can draw some conclusions, such as how much money we should bottle and what residues we can put in our consumer investment portfolio for short, medium, and long term goals from which consumers can succeed.