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List Brokers Minimum Deposit

monarchcb.com - When going to start trading, we must choose a small deposit forex agent or small capital. Because this is for warming up early or just practicing before we make a fairly large capital, so the risk of loss will also be greater.

Indonesia is one of the countries that is seen by many forex agents, as a result, many capital options are traded.

It doesn't matter whether you are a housewife or a student, now with a budget of tens of thousands of rupiah, you can start trying to get down to the world of trading, with the encouragement of a small deposit.

This is very much different from before, where what is said forex trading is only dominance for traders with large capital and want deposits very close to a few million rupiahs.

Well, here LKT News wants to summarize some of the agents that offer minimal pay alternatives, so that we can confirm the initial capital for ourselves. So, you can start trading even if the initial payment is only $1 or IDR 14. 000's. Follow further information!

Small Deposit Forex Agent Notes

1. Exness

Exness has no minimum payouts, very small spreads, and leverage varies from 1:2000 to 1:unlimited for the Asian region. This makes Exness very meaningful for some forex traders with limited capital. However, expert traders can also profit from forex agents with small capital.

2. LiteForex

With a minimum deposit of 10 USD and a leverage of up to 1:500, LiteForex is one of the most popular agents. This small-cap forex agent is also known to be quite modern and sensitive to technological changes, as demonstrated by some of its interactive features, including a 3-minute registration method via Facebook and Gmail accounts.

Not only that, currently LiteForex also offers deposits for free through any payment system, with a free agreement that can return the payment of transferring deposits to the account of each customer.

3. JustForex

In the option of cent accounts and small accounts, JustForex provides facilities with no minimum deposit and maximum leverage options up to 1:1000(cents) and 1:3000(small). This small capital forex agent is also an option for those of you who are just starting to trade.

4. InstaForex

As one of the most popular forex agents in Indonesia since 2009. True to its name (Fawry), Instaforex prioritizes administrative ease and starts trading. With a minimum deposit of $1, leverage of 1:1000, and always spreads from 3 pips, Instaforex deserves to be on this list.

5. FXOpen

As a forex agent who pioneered the selection of small and interest-free accounts (interest free). With minimum payouts starting from $1, leverage of up to 1:500 and competitive spreads, FXOpen has been around for 12 years as a forex agent worth checking out for some newcomer traders.

Note: Trading is a risky investment. Make sure you study first before entering the forex market so you don't run out of your money. We are not responsible for your actions.